About Take Charge +

The Take Charge+ Campaign was first established in 2020 and is managed by the Environmental Services Association (ESA).

The ESA represents many of the UK’s largest recycling and waste management companies, which provide recycling and waste services to local councils and businesses across the United Kingdom

ESA members have collected fire incidence data across their combined facilities and this showed that at least 250-300 fires are started every year as a result of carelessly discarded lithium-ion batteries alone.

Unfortunately, the majority of used batteries discarded in the UK are not recycled properly. To avoid these fires, which put lives at risk and cause £100 million worth of damage each year, the Take Charge campaign was started to raise awareness of the dangers and to encourage consumers to Recycle Batteries Responsibly, using free and widely available battery recycling points.

Take Charge is currently sponsored by the ESA and Ecosurety. We are also grateful to those who have contributed to the campaign content, including Wrap and Material Focus.

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If your organisation would like to find out more about the Take Charge campaign or discuss future support or sponsorship, please email: takecharge@esauk.org

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